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Supply Chain Network Summit

The Supply Chain Network (SCN) Summit is the premier virtual event aimed at educating logistics professionals on critical issues impacting the supply chain industry.

Hear from industry experts, as they discuss trends, technologies, challenges and opportunities revolving around warehousing, transportation, sustainability, procurement, emerging technologies, workforce development, risk management and more.



Metrics from June 2022 SCN Summit Virtual Week






State of the Supply Chain (June 2023)

Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive present SCN Summit: State of the Supply Chain, where Editor-in-Chief Marina Mayer will sit down with industry experts and thought leaders to talk trends and technologies in the supply chain space and how they relate to the State of the Supply Chain. Topics revolve around Warehouse Automation, Risk Management, Supply Chain Visibility, Achieving a Sustainable Footprint, Mitigating Risks and more. Register now to learn more about what's in store for the national and global supply chains.

Executive Outlook: State of the Industry 
June 6 - 10am CDT

There are so many things going on in the supply chain today. From the gloomy container outlook and newly introduced FSMA 204 to inflation, recession, friend shoring and visibility, the state of the supply chain is a “perfect storm” of risks and challenges coupled with innovation and opportunity. Supply Chain Networks’ editors provide insight on all things state of the supply chain, what’s happening in the industry right now, what’s in store for the future and more.

Warehouse Automation
June 6 - 12pm CDT

2022 into 2023 has been full of supply chain disruptions. Industry experts detail the importance of warehouse management systems and how automation, robotics and/or wearables can provide forecasting, inventory refill, traceability and visibility to help mitigate future bottlenecks and congestion.

Achieving a Sustainable Footprint
June 6 - 2pm CDT

Sustainability continues to be a core part of many companies’ supply chain strategies. Whether it’s employing reusable packaging, implementing sustainability goals or working toward that net zero carbon footprint, sustainability still reigns, even amid the many disruptions. Industry experts weigh in on what’s most important in achieving that ultimate sustainability footprint.

Executive Outlook: Supply Chain Data
June 7 - 10am CDT

Supply chain analytics aren’t any good if companies don’t know how to read the results and put measures in place to act on them. Here, industry experts provide a rundown of the different solutions available and why ERP, track-and-trace and other supply chain management software is crucial to the success of your business.

Supply Chain Visibility
June 7 - 12pm CDT

During the past several decades, innovations in the supply chain industry have led to major improvements in efficiency, reliability and profitability. However, these innovations have also brought about added risk. In this session, industry experts provide an in-depth detail on what’s in store for the remainder of 2023 in terms of supply chain visibility and how data and technology work together to help companies “see” what’s ahead.

June 7 - 2pm CDT

Whether it’s implementing e-invoicing or e-procurement, now is the time to future-proof your supply chain. And, procurement plays a large role in doing so. Here, industry experts outline how to plan for demand, overcome shortages, modernize payment structure and achieve a more resilient supply chain.

Executive Outlook: State of E-Commerce
June 8 - 10am CDT

The online retail landscape skyrocketed amid COVID-19. And not just for department stores and online marketplaces. Grocery retailers and foodservice establishments pivoted as well. But, how does reverse logistics play into this? What does this mean for the brick-and-mortar landscape? What happens to companies who do not automate warehousing to fulfill e-commerce demand? Supply Chain Networks’ editors will discuss everything from micro-fulfillment and warehouse automation to e-commerce technologies.

Mitigating Supply Chain Disruptions
June 8 - 12pm CDT

Supply chain disruptions no longer just resemble a detour because of construction or a car accident. Today’s supply chain disruptions are more complex. They involve port congestion, lack of drivers, shortage in supplies and ingredients, ransomware attacks and more. This session uncovers the many ways companies can mitigate supply chain disruptions.








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